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Vaillant’s PV monitoring gets powered by Solytic’s white label solution

Vaillant White Label

Vaillant is a family-owned business looking back at 140 years. They are known for their eco-friendly and energy-efficient technical products for homeowners around the world. In 2017, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) entered the PV market, offering complete solar systems. Consistent with their hardware, Vaillant offers a modern PV monitoring interface, which has been developed by Solytic within 6 months in the same year.

This IoT solution visualizes the entire energy flow and connects data from the PV system, self-consumption, battery storage, and grid feed-in. In addition to individual features such as yield, energy balance, or weather, Vaillant and Solytic put special emphasis on pursuing a brand-consistent design of the interface. After all, the Vaillant brand was supposed to capture the customers’ eyes and accompany them during the overall service life of 25 years give or take.

Solytic took on a systematic approach when developing the white label solution. From the initial design workshop to the release, the team worked in clearly outlined steps and closely together with their client. We compiled the user stories and wireframes based on the input of a previous design workshop and created a design book. Our tech team then implemented this in both the backend and frontend. Once this was in place, we configured the way different devices would communicate with the Solytic infrastructure. In the final phase, we built the frontend structure, and then it was release time!

The benefits Vaillant solar system owners get: They can quickly check their systems at a glance. A clear interface enables a holistic view of the system, battery storage, and electricity production. Thus, you can view and control heat values such as energy balance and self-consumption quota. If there are failures or errors, the system sends information immediately to the end-user.

The Vaillant PV customer portal keeps today’s homeowners constantly connected with the supplier by providing effective insights into the performance of their Vaillant systems. Often it’s external white label experts who lead you there in the fastest and most resource-efficient way. Learn more.

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