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Automate your reporting with our reporting tools.

Automate the creation and distribution of performance reports

Export charts in various formats

Configure and reuse individual charts

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Receive insightful reports

Our reports present key metrics clearly and comprehensively. They are ideal for presentation to clients and partners, providing a quick overview of the performance and development of your sites.

Generate and send performance reports

Specify when performance reports should be automatically generated and sent to streamline your reporting process. This feature enables you to ensure that relevant information reaches recipients on time. By automating this process, you save time while ensuring consistent and reliable reporting.

Configure custom charts

Our user-friendly chart generator offers a wealth of options to visualize and analyze your data. With its flexible configuration capability, you can create custom charts tailored to your needs. Whether you want to highlight specific data points or compare different datasets, the chart generator allows you to refine your analysis and gain valuable insights.

Export charts with a click

Export almost any chart within our software and choose from a variety of available formats such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, CSV, or XLS.

Popular Features

Explore more features of our software

Our software offers a variety of functions while remaining clear and easy to use.


Easily create new facilities within minutes on your own.


Gain a quick overview of your entire portfolio as well as individual sites.


Analyze your sites and compare individual devices such as inverters, MPP trackers, and string combiners.


Significant KPIs for effective analysis and meaningful reporting.

User Management

Create an unlimited number of users and assign them appropriate roles and permissions.

Alarms & Tickets

Receive direct notifications about occurring alarms and assign these to tickets and employees.
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