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Connect Solytic with additional tools

Our API interface allows you to integrate data from the Solytic Monitoring Portal with third-party services.


Full Flexibility

Our API interface enables you to integrate data from the Solytic Monitoring Portal into additional tools.

Data right where you need it

Utilize data from Solytic in other tools according to your individual requirements.

Flexible data retrieval

GraphQL enables developers to write minimal queries that deliver only the data currently needed. This saves effort and costs.

Tailored pricing

The billing model is based on transparent consumption units. This way, you only pay for what you actually use.

Convenient integration

Solytic provides a GraphQL API based on modern industry standards for a convenient and straightforward integration.

Cloud-based solution

The Solytic infrastructure is cloud-based, providing reliable and secure access to your data.

Comprehensively documented

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Our long-standing partnership with Solytic has enabled us for many years to manage our continuously growing portfolio in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Lorenz Hütter

Fellensiek Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG
With Solytic, we can monitor all of our - now 26 - installations, independently of logger types and free from manufacturers, on a single platform at a fair price. This reduces the effort of daily monitoring and simplifies trend analysis and troubleshooting.

Perre Godbillon

ErneuerbareEnergien Neckar-Alb eG


Here you'll find the most frequently asked questions and answers about our GraphQL API.
What is the uniqueness of the Solytic API?
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The Solytic API is a GraphQL-based interface that allows developers to efficiently and quickly query the data of their installations, precisely obtaining the information needed for further analysis. You can find our detailed documentation here
Which tools can I use to explore the Solytic API?
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You can use tools such as Playground, Insomnia, or Postman to interact with the Solytic API and test requests. More information and links can be found under Solytic API: Introduction and Solytic API: Playground
How can I obtain API access?
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To obtain access to the Solytic API, you need to register an API application with our support team. Please contact support@solytic.com for assistance. More details can be found under Solytic API: Application Registration
How do I authenticate with the Solytic API?
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Authentication with the Solytic API is done through OAuth 2.0. You need to request a valid OAuth 2.0 token and use it in your GraphQL queries. More details can be found under: Solytic API: OAuth 2.0
What types of requests does the Solytic API support?
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As a GraphQL-based API, Solytic supports complex queries, allowing developers to select specific data from the PV system as needed. Find information and example queries at: Solytic API: First query und Solytic API: Usage.
What costs are associated with using the Solytic API and how are they structured?
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The costs depend on the chosen API plan (Basic, Professional, Enterprise) as well as the actual consumption. More details can be found at: Solytic API: Pricing and Consumption
Are there limitations on API usage?
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At Solytic API: Limitations, you will find the current limits of the API.
Does Solytic provide technical support for API usage?
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Yes, we offer technical support for our API. You can reach our support team at support@solytic.com. We strive to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible.

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