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Digitize your business step by step with the right software solutions.

Many installation companies need higher productivity in order to survive in the newly grown, digital competition. SolarOS is the concept of an operating system for digital installation operation in the decentralized solar market. With the software solutions from Solytic and Kwest, solarOS already offers two powerful, complementary solutions that allow you to simplify and automate a significant part of your processes.

Kwest is your platform for automating installation and service processes​

This is what Kwest can do:​
  • Installation management
  • Automate workflows
  • Live Documentation & Communication
Your advantages:​​
Make your workflows more efficient and increase your availability
Automate your processes and reduce your workload
Get automatically actionable insights from existing data

Solytic is your hardware-independent monitoring portal​

This is what Solytic can do:​
  • Manufacturer-independent data processing
  • Cross-technology remote monitoring
  • End customer portal in your individual brand identity
Your advantages:​​​
Build long-term customer relationships as a basis for recurring orders and sales
Simplify your day-to-day work and increase your team's productivity by up to 50%
Use your expertise in digital customer contact to increase customer satisfaction

Future-proof yourself and start your digital transformation with solarOS now:​

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