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Choose from over 40 interfaces and easily integrate new systems yourself.

Integrate new systems yourself in minutes

Select the appropriate interface and utilize existing hardware

Create subunits and monitor them separately

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Choose from over 40 manufacturers

Our software is compatible with a variety of renowned manufacturers, allowing you to effortlessly integrate your existing hardware into our portal. This wide compatibility enables you to efficiently utilize your systems while remaining flexible. Benefit from this versatility to ensure efficient monitoring and support the growth of your business. When it comes to 'hardware independence,' our software is among the market leaders in Europe. You can find a complete compatibility list here.

Easily integrate new facilities yourself in no time

Our self-onboarding feature allows you to add new facilities in the shortest possible time and enter all relevant information. With just a few clicks, you can provide details about the location and technical information. Afterwards, you can effortlessly share the facilities with other users.

Create subunits and monitor them separately

Aggregate selected devices of your PV system into subunits. This allows you to monitor different areas of your system with precision.


Which manufacturers is the Solytic Monitoring Software compatible with?
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You can find a complete compatibility list here.
How does the data integration work with the Solytic Monitoring Software?
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Please refer to our extensive FAQ articles for each respective device: FAQ: Data connectivity.

Popular Features

Explore more features of our software

Our software offers a variety of functions while remaining clear and easy to use.


Gain a quick overview of your entire portfolio as well as individual sites.


Analyze your sites and compare individual devices such as inverters, MPP trackers, and string combiners.


Significant KPIs for effective analysis and meaningful reporting.

User Management

Create an unlimited number of users and assign them appropriate roles and permissions.


Generate performance reports and have them automatically sent to employees, customers, or partners.

Alarms & Tickets

Receive direct notifications about occurring alarms and assign these to tickets and employees.
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