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Metrics for all needs: from quick evaluation to detailed analysis.

Overview of site availability on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis

Evaluate the performance of your sites based on the performance ratio

Conduct actual versus expected evaluations

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Is your site running?

Undoubtedly, the most crucial of all metrics is availability as it forms the foundation for all further evaluations. You have the option to display availability on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

How well is your site performing?

Using the Performance Ratio, you can gauge the actual performance of your site. It represents the ratio between the energy actually produced and the theoretically available energy. Our software determines the theoretically available energy based on irradiation values provided either by a local sensor or satellite. This allows you to identify performance issues early and maximize the overall performance of your site.

Does your site's performance align with your expectations?

You have the option to specify a monthly target yield and expected degradation for each of your sites. Our software then calculates the target yields of the respective site for the next 30 years based on this data. This way, you only need to monitor whether the site is on track or not.

And much more...

Of course, our software offers numerous other metrics for an even more detailed analysis of your sites.

Popular Features

Explore more features of our software

Our software offers a variety of functions while remaining clear and easy to use.


Easily create new facilities within minutes on your own.


Gain a quick overview of your entire portfolio as well as individual sites.


Analyze your sites and compare individual devices such as inverters, MPP trackers, and string combiners.

User Management

Create an unlimited number of users and assign them appropriate roles and permissions.


Generate performance reports and have them automatically sent to employees, customers, or partners.

Alarms & Tickets

Receive direct notifications about occurring alarms and assign these to tickets and employees.
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