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Monitor your entire portfolio in just one overview

Get a comprehensive view of the key technical information about your facilities

Navigate quickly and easily between individual facilities

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Easy navigation

Our navigation bar not only enhances our dashboards but extends throughout the entire software application. This allows you to navigate comfortably between different sites without having to leave the current view.

All sites at a glance

On our Portfolio Dashboard, you can monitor all your sites at a glance. Here, you'll get the key metrics of your sites and immediately see if action is needed.

Check facility performance

The Technical Site Dashboard presents the most relevant metrics of a specific site in a clear manner. Review the actual versus expected performance of your site, view performance data on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, and export these charts in any desired format.

Insightful information for homeowners

Our Home Dashboard visually represents the energy flow between the various components of the PV system and informs homeowners about important energy balance values such as self-consumption, saved electricity costs, or autonomy rate.

Popular Features

Explore more features of our software

Our software offers a variety of functions while remaining clear and easy to use.


Easily create new facilities within minutes on your own.


Analyze your sites and compare individual devices such as inverters, MPP trackers, and string combiners.


Significant KPIs for effective analysis and meaningful reporting.

User Management

Create an unlimited number of users and assign them appropriate roles and permissions.


Generate performance reports and have them automatically sent to employees, customers, or partners.

Alarme & Tickets

Receive direct notifications about occurring alarms and assign these to tickets and employees.
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