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Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s our birthday! Today at Solytic, we are celebrating four years of hard work, four years of growth, four years of innovation, and four years spent playing our part in the battle against carbon emissions. In the past four years, we have looked to improve our product day in day out, constantly striving to provide a service that truly does maximize the profitability of each and every solar PV we are connected to. From meeting at Intersolar in 2017 and deciding to commence this journey to digitalize solar PV, to the first solar PV connected to our monitoring software, to the more than 120,000 connected today each year since that first meeting has been a stepping stone towards our future goals. Backed by seed investment from Vattenfall, 2018 was a year in which we were able to develop our first product monitoring service, connecting it to 25,000 solar PV systems. In 2019 came the legal merger between Powerdoo and Solytic, making us one of the fastest growing solar monitoring software companies worldwide. Then in 2020, we were able to secure our Series A round of funding through Vattenfall, EWE, and several other business angles, growing our portfolio and passing our milestone of over 100,000 connected solar PV systems. As we are on the cusp of an updated software and a Series B round of funding, it is important to not only look back at what has been achieved so far, but to also look forward to the future and set out our goals and intentions for the years to come. As well as this, we would like to take a moment to thank our incredible team for all the hard work throughout these past four years, as well as our investors for backing us and our goal to digitalize what will surely become the number one source of energy in the years to come. Through a Series B round, we look to scale our monitoring platform, continue to invest in developing the AI side of the software through new algorithms, and grow the supply side of our marketplace. We have 8 years 3 months and 14 days before 2030 in which we have to stay below 1.5 degrees and we are determined to meet that goal.

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