Thermography-Check for your solar PV system

in partnership with Fairfleet

Thermography report

Did you know that 80% of all PV installations do not work properly? This leads to performance and thus inevitably to yield losses. Even the failure of a single bypass diode can lead to significant yield losses and at the same time affect non-defective modules.

A thermography check helps you to get to know your PV installation even better! By doing so, you can correct specific deficiencies and thus increase your yield.


Why should I do a thermography check?

  • You noticed that your system is not performing the same as on the first day, but you can neither find the reason nor locate the error? With the help of high-resolution thermal images, anomalies such as hot cells, activated bypass diodes, string failures and potential-induced degradation (PID) are detected. Fractures, cracks and shadows are also identified, localised and documented. This gives you a complete overview of potentially necessary repairs or claims for damages.

  • Discover small mistakes before they become big problems. In addition to yield losses, defective cells or inverters can also lead to major problems or even fire. With the help of thermography, you can identify these problems based on your thermal signature.

  • Fast, cheap and thorough. A drone flight is organized and executed quickly. As a result, this form of inspection is often cheaper than one on site.

How often should I do a thermography check?

We recommend the following:

  • immediately after commissioning to ensure full functionality of the system

  • every two years: to ensure optimal operation

  • shortly before the end of the manufacturer's warranty: in order to assert any claims for damages

In 3 steps to your drone inspection:

1. Select the desired package.
2. FairFleet then carries out the drone inspection of your object.
3. You will receive your photos and analyses online or as a PDF file.

Packages & Pricing

Plants up to 750 kWp
€ 499*

High-resolution thermography images

Hotspot identification

Categorisation of damages

PDF documentation

*Costs for logistics, licenses, permits and insurances included - excl. special permits, plus VAT