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PV-Invest chooses Solytic to monitor 52 MW

Klagenfurt based company PV-Invest acquires and operates photovoltaic plants throughout Europe. Now, PV-Invest brings the O&M service back in-house. Their decision to insource required a modern monitoring solution that ensured fast and uncomplicated onboarding while avoiding unnecessary costs. After comparing offers from renowned monitoring providers, PV-Invest assigned the task to Solytic.

PV-Invest moves its entire portfolio of 52 MW distributed over 86 PV systems with 14 different data loggers in 10 countries into one central monitoring system. Using this solution, PV-Invest saves hardware upgrades, reduces personnel costs during onboarding and daily monitoring, and creates a cost advantage through Solytic’s customer-friendly monitoring fees.

“To keep achieving optimal performance for us and our investors in the future, we are allocating the O&M business back into our company. To succeed, we needed a modern monitoring portal which was able to support us in optimizing our costs. We liked Solytic’s approach as it effectively reduces costs on various levels, and the migration was uncomplicated and quick”, says G√ľnter Grabner, Managing Director at PV-Invest.

Solytic’s hardware-independent monitoring helps operators with their daily O&M tasks such as system monitoring, reporting, and ticketing by combining all of these in a comprehensible platform, and displaying sales-related information and benchmarks in real-time.

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