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Solar Monitoring

One system manages it all: Less Risk. Less Cost. More Solar.


Type of system


Modern solar PV monitoring for O&Ms, EPCs, Asset Managers, Investors and OEMs.


Access your PV system anytime, anywhere and improve its performance with smart advices.

From hidden potentials to top performance

Maximize the allround performance throughout the lifecycle of your solar PV. Receive data-driven advice on what to do and when to act from the most relevant provider choices around you.

Your benefits


budget friendly

• For systems up to 20 kWp
• Only €60 per system per year
• Best prices for services on our marketplace

Stay in touch with your system

• Comprehensive, transparent
and reliable
• Realtime data at anytime from
• Pinpoint towards fault

Improve your performance

• Comprehensive alerts
• Data-driven advice
• Compare offers from different

Let data-driven advice guide you

Using Solytic's monitoring enables you to receive data-driven advice through our marketplace. Knowing what to do, when to do it and which provider to select is key, if you want to reach top performance. Here are 3 examples out of more than 20 services influencing your solar PV.
Find the perfect timing for cleaning
Detect and prevent inverter failures
Increase your self-sufficiency level
Cleaning at the right time with the best offer can get you an additional percentage in terms of energy production.
Ensure your stable production without unnecessary losses due to downtime, late repairs or repowerings.
Know when a battery/storage system makes sense for you.

Want to use Solytic as your monitoring solution and take full advantage the Solytic Marketplace?

We recommend that you let your installer connect your system to Solytic. If you feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can find the necessary documents in our compatibility center.
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