White-Label PV Monitoring

As an operation and maintenance company, the ability to white label your PV monitoring solution might be an important feature if you want to give your customers access to your chosen portal. It has great benefits compared to developing your own product or choosing a solution that does not offer white-labelling.

What is white-label?

White-label products and services are re-brandable, re-sellable items that are produced by one company to be rebranded and resold by another company. In the case of white label PV monitoring, a software company like Solytic allows the O&M to re-brand their product like it was their own. This is a big advantage when it comes to customer experience.


One of the primary benefits of building your own product is that your customers are not confronted with a name or logo of an external party. When it comes down to it, the customer is doing business with your company and that is who they trust. If they suddenly end up in a monitoring portal with a completely different branding from your own, that is not good for the customer experience. A white label PV monitoring portal is the perfect solution. It can be made with the domain and logo of your choice. Even e-mail messages like alerts and login pages can be branded. There will be no reference to the white label supplier. They only provide the technology that enables you to service your customer. When you are looking at different white label PV monitoring solutions, enquire to what extent white-labelling is possible. Some solutions will advertise that they offer white-labelling, but really all you can do is insert your logo…
At Solytic you get the full package!
white label PV monitoring



Below you can see that our login page (left) exactly matches the branding from their website (right). If you want to konw the other reasons why bos.ten chose Solytic as their PV monitoring solution, you can find them in this guest post by their Head of IT, Michael Kondula.
bos.ten PV monitoring login page
bos.ten website

Exel Solar

Below you can see that Exel Solar chose to co-brand the portal instead of white-labelling it because they want to advertise with the Solytic brand, but at the same time give their customers a seamless experience. More on why Exel Solar chose us in this blog post.
Exel Solar login page

Successful together

In short, a white label lets you own the customer experience! In the end, our main goal at Solytic is to make sure that we, our customers and the end-users will be better off thanks to the collaboration with our customers and the possibilities of our platform. If you are interested in having your very own white label PV monitoring portal, just fill out the form below and our sales team will be in contact with you shortly.