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One portal for all PV-plants.

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1. Monitor

View all your PV-plant's data in one portal - no matter what inverter or data logger.

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2. Understand

Receive alerts for untapped potentials. A range of diagrams, heatmaps and metrics supports you to identify issues.

3. Communicate

A real-time ticketing system informs you and your team about yield critical incidents. You decide, which user gets which information.

Save time and solve problems - just more efficiently

Operators experience an increasing cost and time pressure. With Solytic you can manage all your assets intuitively and in realtime. Your time is too valuable to spend it on front of screens, which is why our solutions detects relevant issues so technicians can focus on the jobs onsite.

Our features:

  • Customizable & automatic reports
  • Relevant alerts
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Process optimizations
  • Digital twin


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Flexible and hardware independent - makes it simple

Our portal adapts to your processes - not the other way around. Everyone has their special needs, which is why you can customize the solutions to make it work for you. With our fully independent software we can integrate any device and component of your PV-portfolio into one portal. No more switching around in different portals. No more comparing apples with pears.

Our features:

Save money - instantly!

We understand that cost pressure in the PV industry affects OPEX more and more. Solytic answer to this development is a price of only € 0.20/kWp/year. Make sure you stay competitive in terms of your software licence costs and valuable working hours.

As a CleanTech startup, we believe that all market participants will benefit from transparency, focus and efficiency. That is why we publish our pricing, focus on software only and help our customers to increase their margins so they can scale their businesses.

€ per year

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Your price per year at Solytic

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How much you currently pay per kWp & year

(only 0.20 € at Solytic)

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Monitoring-Features in Detail

Everything you need for your daily asset monitoring, with no additional hardware.


Modular Dashboard

  • Detailed Monitoring for all assets
  • Portal with modular dashboard for portfolios
  • Asset and device specific information
  • Access to real time and historic data with prediction
  • Efficient technical operational management
  • Target vs. actual comparison
  • Irradiation calculation combining local sensors & satellite data

Smart Alerts with Ticket System

  • Intelligent device alerts for efficient monitoring
  • Analysis for more effective error detection
  • Optimisation through early stage detection of yield-relevant errors and underperformance
  • Receive and assign tickets automatically or manually
  • Storage of all events with overview function


  • Create asset reports
  • Export (PDF, CSV)
  • Communicate asset performance easy and fast
  • Investor preview

Portfolio Overview with KPIs

  • Shows all relevant KPIs and alerts
  • All assets and devices at a glance
  • Filter function
  • Create quick and easy to-do-lists

Digital Twin

  • Digital copy of the actual asset
  • Full transparency during error detection and correction
  • Colour coding to pinpoint underperformance
  • Shows all relevant meta data of asset like Azimuth, irradiation angle, hardware components, etc.

Target vs. actual comparison

  • Local sensors, like reference cells, pyranometer
  • External sensors, like satellite data
  • Improved tolerance for a more precise irradiation calculation

White Label with user levels and access rights

  • Customer access with your company logo
  • Definable user levels and access rights

Everything at a glance!

Compare all major PV monitoring software providers for commercial & industrial plants in a compact overview

Download the current comparison including a cost calculator and find the best offer.

Compatible data loggers

No matter which hardware solution you are currently using, a connection to the Solytic software is always possible. We are also happy to assist you.

Would you like to connect your systems to the Solytic portal? This requires a data transfer to Solytic (e. g. FTP Push) and the corresponding string plans of the assets. If your assets are in a closed system, we can recommend the Solytic data logger. Our data logger then connects the asset with Solytic's open platform. The Solytic data logger is an affordable, reliable and non-invasive solution that serves all common interfaces. Following data loggers can be connected with Solytic:

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    Product 31

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    and many more...