March 30, 2020

Remote Working – 6 tips & 10 resources


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Even though we are 100% at home, we are 110% there for our customers and you can do it too.

These are difficult times for all of us – also in the solar industry. But we can assure you that we are there for you, as always, without restrictions, only from home.

As a young digital company, we are very flexible and even before the crisis, we already had a home office. So we had no problem at all to work from home from one day to the next.

One thing is clear: Together we will get through this!

With this in mind, we would like to share with you 6 tips and 10 resources that have also helped us to stay productive during the transition from office to remote work:

  • Always overcommunicate. This helps to keep everyone informed and lifts the spirits of the team.
  • Set boundaries. When you’re working, you’re really working.
  • Take breaks at regular intervals.
  • Track your time so you don’t get distracted or overworked.
  • Have an actual work space.
  • Disconnect for at least a few hours a day.

Now to the resources:

Sharing is caring!

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Niko Nather

Head of Marketing

Mehr als 10 Jahre Marketing-Erfahrung in diversen Start-Ups. Studium an der WU Wien.