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Solytic has been founded in 2017 in Berlin and was able to win over a financially strong partner Vattenfall as a strategic investor. Our team consists of experienced PV professionals, startup founders and tech developers.

Our Vision: Solar PV will be the leading power source of generations to come. Installed solar capacity increases 14-fold by 2040*. Our vision is to implement the latest digital technology to support the rapid growth of installed capacity by harvesting every available kilowatt hour from these installations.

Our Mission: Solytic will automate and thus fundamentally change the monitoring and support of PV assets. Our solutions will be able to replace the classic monitoring portals and steer the operations process. This makes the technical management scalable - more assets can be monitored in less time. And highly skilled personnel no longer have to do monotonous assembly line work, but can take care of the really important issues.

Our Strategy: Decrease the costs of PV monitoring and increase the yield through predictive maintenance and automation by using artificial intelligence and big data.

Our Outcome: An invisible digital control room in which the systems communicate with service staff in order to significantly minimize yield-relevant errors. Our customers reduce their operational costs and can support significantly more systems with the same team.

Our customers reduce their operational costs and can support significantly more systems with the same team.

(* source: BNEF New Energy Outlook 2017).


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Johannes Burgard

Founder & Managing Director

Johannes Burgard, Gruender Solytic

5 years experience as an engineer and project manager, including CLAAS and Airbus. Graduate of RWTH Aachen with MBA at ESADE, Barcelona.

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Konrad Perényi

Founder & Managing Director

Konrad Perenyi, Gruender Solytic

Since 2006 in digital companies including Rocket Internet, Quandoo, and DailyDeal. Lived 5 years in USA, China, Singapore. Master at WU Wien.

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Niko Nather

Head of Marketing

Alwin Nagel, Gruender Solytic

More than 10 years of marketing experience in various startups. Studied at WU Vienna.

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