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Solytic is a Berlin-based CleanTech startup founded in September 2017. In December 2017, the over 110-year-old Utility Vattenfall invested a seed funding of 3m. Our team consists of PV professionals from SMA, KACO/Siemens, experienced entrepreneurs and tech developers.

Our mission is to fundamentally change the management of PV-plants by installing an interconnected value chain. We use software and machine learning to automate the processes between PV-plants and services.


Via monitoring, we connect PV-plants to our portal. AI Analytics identifies potentials and connects PV-plants through our service platform (horizontal first-level support) directly to offers from service providers (vertical specialists). Using our "interconnected value chain", users receive proactive suggestions in order to improve the efficiency of PV-plants for more than 35 services, such as direct marketing, cleaning, insurance, financing, O&M services, warranty and many more.


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Johannes Burgard

Founder & Managing Director

Johannes Burgard, Gruender Solytic

5 years experience as an engineer and project manager, including CLAAS and Airbus. Graduate of RWTH Aachen with MBA at ESADE, Barcelona.

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Konrad Perényi

Founder & Managing Director

Konrad Perenyi, Gruender Solytic

Since 2006 in digital companies including Rocket Internet, Quandoo, and DailyDeal. Lived 5 years in USA, China, Singapore. Master at WU Wien.

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Johannes Dahl

Chief Product Officer

Johannes Dahl, CPO

5 years founder & MD at Powerdoo. Since 2009 in the solar industry. Master at Middlesex University, London.

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Steffen Mangold

Chief Technology Officer

Steffen Manold, CTO

5 years founder & MD Tech at Powerdoo. Since 2009 in the solar industry. IT degree

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