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What you can expect from our upcoming PV monitoring product update

PV Monitoring Product Update

We are going to launch a major update of our PV monitoring portal to help solar professionals maximize the performance of their assets. It lets you manage your entire solar PV portfolio through a single shared platform for a 360° performance view to make smart data-driven decisions.


Manage dozens to hundreds of MWp

When you need to observe a portfolio ranging from a few up to several hundreds of megawatts, you are likely to be confronted with a diverse set of hardware. Although the market is said to be headed towards a decentralized solar PV system connected by streamlined data, reality often looks a bit different.

Most stakeholders still switch between multiple monitoring systems throughout their portfolio, whether you are an O&M, EPC, Asset Manager, or owner and investor. So do energy utility companies and OEMs miss the chance to keep connected with their prosumers. The Solytic PV monitoring platform is designed to solve those challenges.


Automate and streamline processes to scale your business

With Solytic, PV monitoring will be automated step by step to reduce costs, increase margins and extend life cycles. To get started, all you need to do is to provide data connections and string plans of your assets – no matter where they are.

Stay tuned as we roll out more details about the product update in the upcoming weeks. One way to that? Follow us on LinkedIn where all news is announced.


Win the performance race with modern features

Features PV Monitoring

Portfolio view: See all your assets in one place. Visualize and combine your data to focus on what matters most to you. Stay in touch with your portfolio and get access anywhere, anytime.

Alerts: Get notified in real-time as production highs and lows happen. Configure criteria for all devices. Get critical high-impact alerts with root-cause intel.

Ticketing: Let automated daily tasks help you work efficiently. Access the API to specialized software (i.e. Tab Tool). As tickets are automatically documented, it is easy to keep an overview of your tasks.

Reporting: Boost productivity with customized learnings. Those can be individualized via templates for different stakeholders. Reportings are automatically generated and shared with you.

Check out the entire list: see all features and compare them to other PV monitoring solutions.


Use installed hardware and simply connect

Hardware-independent PV Monitoring

You will be able to connect your existing OEM hardware of 150+ data protocols. We are a pure software company and fully hardware-agnostic. To get your systems connected, there is no need to buy new data loggers or inverters. No matter which hardware solution you are currently using, linking it to Solytic’s software is always possible. We will be happy to support you in doing so.

Solytic is compatible with most inverters and data loggers in principle, given that they are open to send data to 3rd party providers.  Data connection via FTP-Push, API, email, or HTTP pull allows us to integrate your systems with the greatest possible flexibility, including all historical data. See our compatibility list of data loggers Solytic can connect. Individual solutions are available upon request.


Cut SaaS costs to increase your margin

Cost-effective PV Monitoring

To further improve our customer’s margins, we provide our state-of-the-art solution for competitive pricing. Being the price leader, we can reduce your Software as a Service fee by a minimum of 50%. You will be able to use the updated product for the same fees as before: € 200/MW p.a. SaaS plus € 500/MW setup fee. See the price list


Be there when our update launches

150 Solytic customers

More than 150 companies already use Solytic to optimize efficiency, costs, and performance. Join us to be there when we share the first screenshots and details about our update including the most exciting features soon. Sign up below for the waiting list to get all the updates on our new product update and early access.

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