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German Solar Landscape 2021

We summarize the landscape of solar power for different markets, including companies working across the value chain. We kick off this series with the most impactful and promising companies in Germany. 

Why we care building a solar landscape of Germany 

By the end of October 2020, German solar plants had produced electricity at a new record level – 48.4 TW. Throughout the first eight months of 2020, companies and private owners installed a 3.2 gigawatts solar pv capacity, compared to 2.7 gigawatts in the same period of last year

Much of this is thanks to new dynamics the solar industry has seen in the recent years, picking up the pace in a race towards energy transition. M&A activities, bankruptcies or market entries of new players with a strong financial background have caused quite a few changes there. 

We have been following and engaging in this market over that time, some of us for a decade, which motivated us to share our knowledge and experiences. 

With the recent governmental plans laid out aiming to reach a combined capacity of 98 gigawatts ten years from now, we felt challenged to track the fast and the big movers of solar in this region. We categorized companies operating and aiming to collaborate in this field intending to give them an initial overview. 

With a look towards a greener future, we’re starting a new tradition of mapping the annual Solar Landscape Germany. Here is the ‘Who is who’ of the solar space in Germany going into 2021.

Missing any important contributor driving solar power in Germany? – Write to us: marketing@soyltic.com.

Solar Landscape Germany 2021

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The landscape includes players from all three segments – utility, commercial & industrial, and homeowners –  across the entire value chain, starting from hardware & EPC to software as well as businesses throughout the entire lifecycle. While most of the players offer multiple services, they have been assigned to a single core vertical to keep it lean. On top of that, the visual captures both domestic and international companies impacting the German market. 

For the record: 1Punkt5, 3E, 7C Solarparken, Above Surveying, Adler Solar, ADLER Solar Services GmbH, Allianz, Alpha ESS, Alpiq, AlsoEnergy, autensys, BayWa r.e., Belectric GmbH, Blue Elephant, Blueray Services, BMZ, Bos.ten, Bullfinch, BYD, CEE Group, Coveris, Discovergy, DKB, DZ Bank, DZ-4, E.On, E3/DC, Ecoligo, Ecopark GmbH, EcoPower Concept, EcoWorks, EEPro, Eigensonne, EnBW, Encavis AG, ENcome Energy Performance, Energiekontor AG, Enerparc AG, ENERTRAG Aktiengesellschaft, Enovos Renewables O&M, Enpal, Enphase, Ensibo, Envaris, EnviaM, F&S solar concept GmbH, Fimer, Fronius, Gantner, German Sol, GLS, Goldbeck, Gothaer, Green City AG, Green Management 3000, Greenpower Monitor, Greentech, Heckert, helioconsult, Hilker Repair, HK Solar Tech, Huawei, IBC SOLAR AG, juwi AG, KACO, Kaiserwetter Energy, KfW Erneuerbare Energien, Kiwigrid, KOSTAL, LBS Energiekredit, LG, Luxcara, Mannheimer, MaxSolar GmbH, Meier-NT, Mein PV-Anwalt, Meteocontrol, Milk the sun, Momentum Gruppen, MVV, Next Kraftwerk, Nuesperling, Ökologische Solarreinigung, PFALZSOLAR, Photon Energy, PI Berlin, PowerFactors, Powerfox, Protea Tech, Prüffabrik, PV SECURE, PV Service Pro, PV-Invest, QOS, RCT Power, RWE, Saferay operations, Schwäbisch Hall, SecondSol, SENEC, SMA, Solandeo, Solar Asset Management, Solar PLUS Cleaning, solar-pur-AG, Solaredge, Solarimo, Solarlog, Solarparc, Solarpflege.de, Solarreinigung + Service Nord. SolarWatt, SOLwest, Solytic, Sonnen, Sparkasse, Steag, Sungrow, Sunny Clean, SWK Solarkredit, Tauber-Solar, Tesla, UmweltBank AG, VARTA, VSB Holding, WALTER konzept service, WIASS, Zolar, Zurich.

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